Big tech means big lobbying : a tour of the EU quarter

, par denis

20 November 2018, 14:00

Join Corporate Europe Observatory and the European Digital Rights Group on a tour of the EU Quarter to get an insight into recent lobby battles over EU data privacy rules and online copyright regulation, to find out which corporate lobby groups were most active on these files and which tactics they used, and to learn more about the narratives and lobbying industry backing their efforts.

Over just a few years, Big Tech and Big Data companies have escalated their spending on lobbying the European Union in an attempt to delay, weaken or even derail EU rules for the fast-growing digital economy. Google and Facebook are now among the very biggest lobbyists in Brussels and wield a considerable influence over EU policy-making.

Lobby battles around ePrivacy and the Copyright Directive have seen an even wider spectrum of actors getting involved, from digital platforms and online advertisers to publishers and copyright collection societies.

Find out more during our tour !

Places are limited to 25, so please sign up. Simply email to register and we’ll message you about the meeting place.

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